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Mollik Juel
5 days ago
Open your eyes and look at me—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

I move forward, fall in the hail of bullets—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

Who are you, my brother, let me know.
Look beside you, I am that martyr Abu Said.

You will show—your rights, your demands.
#Rights #StudentPower #SaveBangladeshiStudents #StudentsUnderAttack #Quotamovement #Bangladesh
karls scott
4 months ago
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Sports have gained immense popularity globally, with major leagues and tournaments attracting a large viewership. As sports gain more fans and followers, the demand for licensed merchandise associated with these sports increases. The popularity of sports such as football (soccer), American football, basketball, cricket, and others contributes to the growth of the licensed sports merchandise industry. According to an article published by worldatlas.com in October 2022, there are 3.5 billion soccer fans, 2.5 billion cricket fans, 2 billion hockey fans, 1 billion tennis fans, 900 million volleyball fans, 850 million table tennis fans, 800 million basketball fans, and 500 million baseball fans across the globe.

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