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BDENZA 40Mg Capsule

BDENZA 112 TAB (XTANDI) is a prescription medicine that falls in the category of anti-cancer drugs. It is manufactured by BDR and is useful for the cure of prostate cancer in men. This is a form of cancer that occurs in the gland cells in the prostate of men.

The symptoms are sometimes hard to find as the disease progresses slowly and life expectancy after Xtandi fails also continues to remain long.

However, with the use of BDENZA 112 TAB 40 mg (XTANDI 40 mg), the formation of testosterone in the body is controlled to some extent. This slowly reduces the chances of prostate cancer going out of hand and stops the growth of cancerous cells eventually.

BDENZA 40Mg Capsule

When a patient is on Xtandi support solutions, it can be fairly understood that they are taking a medicine that is used for the treatment of prostate cancer in men. However, this medicine can also be used for the treatment of some other medical conditions, as guided by the doctor. BDENZA 112 TAB 40 mg (Xtandi) blocks the ill effects of testosterone which is the male hormone. The impact of this hormone in the spreading of cancer cells is also blocked in other parts of the body.

BDENZA 112 TAB Precautions
When BDENZA 112 TAB 40 mg (Xtandi) is being taken certain precautions should be kept in mind. For patients, who are diabetic a tab on blood glucose level should be kept when this medicine is being taken. It is often advised by the doctor that the patient should be having their regular blood tests when this medicine is being taken. The monitoring of liver functioning should also be done at this time.

In no condition should alcohol be consumed when this medicine is being taken. Patients who have some kidney or liver condition should take Bdenza 112 Tabs with extreme caution. They need to take consultation from their doctors prior to taking this medicine in all cases.

What should be done when the dose is missed?
When a dose of BDENZA 112 TAB 40 mg (Xtandi 40 mg) is missed, the patient should take it as soon as they remember that the medicine has been missed. In cases, where the time for taking the next dose is less than 12 hours, the missed dose should not be taken. In such cases, you should continue with your regular dose only. Doubling of dose should be avoided in any case.

BDENZA 112 TAB Side effects
There are many Xtandi side effects. Some of the prominent side effects of BDENZA 112 TAB side effects are:

The patient might suffer from headaches. Hot flashes might occur in some cases. Weakness has also been reported by some patients. High Blood Pressure and fatigue in the body are also seen. However, none of these side effects are life-threatening and the patient should consult the doctor when these side effects persist after a period.

In no condition, should a person drive for some hours after taking this medicine. The alertness level can alter after taking Bdenza 40 mg.

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