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Exploring Golf Cart-Friendly Destinations: Where to Take Your Ride

Golf carts aren't just for the course anymore; they're versatile vehicles that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. From scenic beach towns to quaint resort communities, there are numerous destinations around the world that are perfect for exploring by golf cart. In this guide, we'll take a look at some of the top golf cart-friendly destinations where you can take your ride and enjoy the sights in style.

1. Coastal Retreats

Subheading: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Known for its pristine beaches and world-class golf courses, Hilton Head Island is a golf cart enthusiast's paradise. Explore the island's scenic coastline and charming neighborhoods by golf cart, stopping to admire the ocean views and lush landscapes along the way. Many resorts and rental companies on the island offer golf cart rentals, making it easy to get around and explore at your own pace.

Subheading: Catalina Island, California

Located just off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is a picturesque destination with plenty to see and do. Rent a golf cart and cruise around the island, taking in the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and rugged coastline. Explore the quaint town of Avalon, visit the island's historic landmarks, and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, snorkeling, and zip-lining.

2. Resort Communities

Subheading: The Villages, Florida

As one of the largest retirement communities in the world, The Villages in Florida is a golf cart-friendly destination like no other. With over 100 miles of golf cart paths and numerous amenities, including shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities, The Villages offers endless opportunities for exploration and leisure. Hop in your golf cart and cruise around the community, stopping to socialize with neighbors or enjoy a round of golf on one of the community's many courses.

Subheading: Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, Florida

Nestled along the Emerald Coast of Florida, Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort is a premier destination for golfers and beach lovers alike. Rent a golf cart and explore the resort's 2,400 acres of pristine property, including four championship golf courses, miles of white-sand beaches, and charming village-style neighborhoods. With a golf cart, you can easily navigate the resort's expansive grounds and discover all that Sandestin has to offer.


Whether you're seeking coastal views, resort amenities, or island adventures, there are plenty of golf cart-friendly destinations to explore around the world. From scenic coastal retreats to bustling resort communities and car-free islands, these destinations offer endless opportunities for leisurely exploration by golf cart. So grab your clubs, hop in your ride, and set out to discover the sights and sounds of these golf cart-friendly destinations.
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