Types of Coral Stone - A Complete Guide

Coral is a type of organic material that is found in various shades such as pink, orange, red, and white. There are different Types Of Coral Stone corresponding to a particular color, pattern, and look. Unlike other gemstones, coral is an organic gemstone, similar to pearl and amber, meaning, we need to show gratitude to living organisms for creating them, rather than thanking some arbitrary geological process. Coral is also one of the Navratnas. Navratnas is basically a group of nine gemstones that possess astrological powers in the context of Vedic Astrology. Talking in the lingo of biology, “coral” is nothing but the marine animal, coral polyp, and the hard exoskeleton it secretes. This gemstone is one of the oldest known gemstones in history, with its use dating back to prehistoric times. Most of the coral that is used in jewelry and home décor is known as “precious coral”. With the help of this blog, we will discuss the different types of coral stones, but before that, let's get to know what coral stones are.

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