Peat Market: Unearthing Opportunities in Sustainable Soil Solutions (2023-2030)

The Global Peat Market size is expected to grow from USD 7.44 Million in 2022 to USD 23.08 Million by 2030, at a CAGR of 15.2% during the forecast period (2023-2030).

Peat Market encompasses the extraction, processing, and utilization of peat, an organic material formed from the partial decomposition of plant matter in waterlogged conditions over thousands of years. Peat is predominantly used as a growing medium in horticulture, agriculture, and landscaping due to its unique properties, including high water retention, aeration, and acidity.

Historically, peat has been a significant source of fuel for heating and cooking in regions where it is abundant. However, concerns over environmental sustainability and carbon emissions have led to a decline in peat extraction for fuel purposes in many countries.

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Top Company Profiles Included in the Peat Market:

Bord na Mona (Ireland), Premier Tech (Canada), CoCo Green (Pvt.) Ltd. (Sri Lanka), PEAT LAND UKRAINE LLC (Ukraine), Dutch Plantin B.V. (Netherland), Globalcoirs (Canada), Elva E.P.T. Ltd. (Estonia), Oulun Energia Oy (Finland), Global Peat Ltd. (Lativa), Jiffy International AS (Netherland), Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH (Germany), Lambert (US), Neova AB (Sweden), Stender AG (Germany), Neova Oy (Finland), Sun Gro Horticulture (US)
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