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Bangalore to Ooty by Car- A Road Trip Through Nilgiris

Don’t bother with the hubbub of Bangalore, try thinking about a trip where you will see beautiful scenery on your way such that you are riding on thrilling roads which finally take you to a destination resembling paradise.

Envision yourself taking a drive along the route that links Bangalore with Ooty, this serene mountain town nestled in the Nilgiris. This trip is not just about reaching Ooty, it’s about the experiences along the way, the changing landscapes and the tiny towns that make the trip special.

Route Overview and Distance

Bangalore is about 265 kilometers from Ooty, and it takes around 6 to 7 hours to go by car if the traffic is in your favour. You will get the two alternative route options to pass through, both are pretty straightforward roads where you can enjoy the scenic beauty all along the way.

Best Time to Travel

While Ooty is a year round destination, the ideal period for a Bangalore to Ooty road trip is from October to June when temperatures drop down significantly facilitating ease in sightseeing and undertaking outdoor activities.

Ooty remains cold between March through June providing itself as a cool place if you are running away from high temperatures in Bangalore. You can now book this trip through Travel to India, that will give you the best experience within the budget.


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