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24 days ago
Unlock the potential of your retail business with Oracle Xstore! 🚀 Skillnet is here to guide you through the latest features of Oracle Xstore POS that can revolutionize your retail operations. Stay ahead in 2024 and discover the 7 new features that justify an Oracle Xstore POS upgrade. Learn more about our insights here: https://www.skillnetinc.co... #OracleXstore #retailtech
Jasper Colin
1 month ago
Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the retail landscape, from personalizing online experiences to streamlining operations. While many retailers have begun their Al journeys, exciting frontiers remain to be explored. Let's delve into how Al is changing retail and the key areas where retailers are planning to venture next!


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3 months ago
Global Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market | Valued at USD 8.24 Billion in 2023, Expected to Reach USD 36.87 Billion by 2030

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4 months ago
Essae POS 615- Versatile Touchscreen System with Enhanced Connectivity

The Essae POS 615 boasts a vibrant display with 350 nits brightness, ensuring clear visibility in various lighting conditions. Its multi-touch capability supports up to 10 touch points, enhancing user interaction and efficiency. Integrated with Realtek HD Audio, it delivers crisp sound quality for an immersive experience. With optional Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth 5.1, wireless connectivity is seamless and reliable. Whether for retail or hospitality, this POS system offers versatility and performance for diverse business needs. At POS Central India, you'll discover the most attractive deals on the POS-615. Visit https://www.poscentral.in/...


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