Will Martin
8 hours ago
#DoughFinance Hack $1.96M stolen via a smart contract flaw; ultimatum issued to hacker

CompoundFinance Phishing Website compromised users warned to avoid site; access restored

Doja Cat Twitter Hack Promoted $DOJA #memecoin 96% drop
Will Martin
8 days ago
Why are #bitcoin and #Ethereum crashing?

$BTC and $ETH Both main #cryptos decline sharply

#memecoin Decline #Dogecoin , #ShibaInu , others face significant losses

Grayscale ETHE Fund Concerns: Uncertainty rises before ETF conversion

ETF Hope: Ethereum Spot ETF launch expected amid market turbulence
16 days ago (E)
Will Martin
24 days ago
Trump #memecoin struggles with major exchange listings, leading to steep declines in Trump-themed tokens.

#Trump coin drops 31% to $7.46 in hours; $TRUMPIE plunges 58.3% to $0.0004919

$BODEN also hit, down 26.2% to $0.1411 amid broader market impact.

Will Martin
24 days ago
Key Reasons Why Altcoins down

-#Bitcoin's crucial support level tested, impacting altcoins.
-#Memecoin losing momentum without strong narratives
-Low retail interest in crypto; major assets retain value
Elizebeth Emily
29 days ago
Lately, cryptocurrencies, especially meme coins, have become incredibly popular. These coins began as internet jokes but have quickly gained value. By understanding how meme coins function and using a smart strategy, you can find investment opportunities early on, before their value rises.

Reach us:

#memecoin #memecoindevelopment #web3 #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #createyourownmemecoin #investment #ElonMusk #Dogecoin
Will Martin
29 days ago
Insider Trading Scandal: #memecoin $Daddy Tate Yields $5.6M Profit

An insider made sold 15.14M $DADDY tokens

Cobratette will burn his tokens when $DADDY hits a $1B market cap. Read this⬇️

Will Martin
1 month ago
GameStop frenzy sparks surge in #memecoin

TheRoaringKitty-inspired coins gain over 100%.

#solana -based $KITTY and #Ethereum -based $ROAR surge.Meme coin market cap hits $69B, signaling crypto FOMO

Will Martin
1 month ago
Allegations against HulkHogan for promoting $HULK #memecoin .

Coin's market cap dropped from $17M to $2M post-deletion

Hogan denies involvement, cites unauthorized posts

Rising trend of celebrity-endorsed meme coins faces criticism; #Buterin advocates for honorable projects.
Techno Loader
1 month ago
The Rise of Meme Crypto Coins: Exploring the Implications

The advancements in blockchain technology and the rapid growth of the NFT market are creating exciting new possibilities for meme coins to seize upon.

Call/Whatsapp: +91 7014607737

Read More: https://www.linkedin.com/p...

#memecoin #memecoindevelopment #Dogecoin #meme #tokendevelopment #Blockchain #coindevelopment #Cryptocurrency #token #cryptotoken #technoloader #crypto
Will Martin
1 month ago
UPDATE: BasedBrett #memecoin surpasses $1B market cap, drawing significant attention in the crypto world with its rapid rise.
Will Martin
1 month ago
DonaldTrump's crypto wallet swells to $30 million

$Trog team airdropped meme coins to him

Trump's holdings include TROG, $ETH, and $TRUMP coins

Political #memecoin frenzy amid Trump's legal battles.
Asic Marketplace
1 month ago
Top Dogecoin Miners of 2024
With the growth of cryptocurrencies, so does the demand for mining. Dogecoin is a well-known cryptocurrency that has attracted a lot of attention lately. Dogecoin started as Memecoin, and suddenly, it caught much attention worldwide over time. Now, Dogecoin has secured a significant position in the list of top cryptocurrencies.

This blog will provide a detailed analysis of the top 5 Dogecoin miners, which you can use to mine Dogecoin for optimal results.

Read the full blog here - https://asicmarketplace.co...
Will Martin
1 month ago
DWFLabs invests $12M in $FLOKI for metaverse projects.

#Floki price jumps 14.40% to $0.00028, outperforming competitors.

FLOKI surpasses $820M in TVL, first for a #memecoin

Future looks bright with upcoming utility products and continued growth
Will Martin
1 month ago

[June 5th] Bank of Canada interest rate decision announced
[June 6th] European Central Bank announces interest rate decision.
[June 7th] US unemployment rate data revealed
[June 6-9th] European Parliamentary elections take place
[June 9th] Japanese GDP data announced
[June 12th] US Interest rate decision announced

Crypto-Specific Catalysts:
[June 3rd] $MICHI of michionsolana lists for trading on MEXC_Official
[June 4th] MinaProtocol $MINA to undergo Berkeley upgrade
[June 4th] ZeusNetworkHQ’s $ZEUS token lists on Krakenfx
[June 5th] $TAIKO of taikoxyz lists on Bybit_Official
[June 5th] Cosmos to undergo v17 ‘Gaia’ software upgrade - $ATOM
[June 5th] Entanglefi’s incubated memecoin $BORPA of BorpaTokencom up for public sale
[June 5th] Coinlist sale for tap_protocol’s $TAP token ends
[June 5-7th] $ETH Belgrade hackathon
[June 8th] BuildOnCyber launches $CYBER mainnet staking
[June 10th] PolyhedraZK $ZK token staking goes live
[June 11th] Holders able to swap $FET for new $ASI two days ahead of merger
[June 13th] Official ‘AI Super-merger’ date between Fetch_ai, SingularityNET $AGIX and oceanprotocol $OCEAN
[June] zkSync official airdrop expected

Token Unlocks:
[June 5th] Galxe - 1.76% of $GAL supply - $7.5M
[June 5th] LiquityProtocol - 0.68% $LQTY supply - $0.8M
[June 6th] eulerfinance - 0.32% $EUL supply - $0.28M
[June 7th] hashflow - 3.36% $HFT supply - $4.14M
[June 11th] MoonbeamNetwork - 0.35% $GLMR supply - $0.94M
Will Martin
1 month ago
6 Must-Watch Solana Memecoins for 2024: Fun, Growth, and Community Power
Will Martin
1 month ago
Here's a summary of recent events in the crypto world over the last 12 hours:

- CZ begins prison sentence in California.
- ByBit executives resign after a botched $NOT token launch.
- DMM Exchange is hacked for $300M, marking the biggest exploit since 2022 and the 7th largest ever.
- Certik reports a total of $324.7M lost in exit scams, exploits, and flash loans in May.
- UniswapFND postpones a protocol upgrade, leading to a 9%+ drop in $UNI.
- MAGAmemecoin's $TRUMP sends over $100,000 to charity partners from one week of trading volume tokenomic transactions.
- FTI_US Franklin Templeton files an Amended S-1 for a Spot $ETH ETF, listing a 0.19% fee.
Will Martin
1 month ago
What happened in Crypto in the last 12 hours…?

Trump found guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying business documents.

Political memecoins see over $300M in 24-hour trading volume.

Pumpdotfun announces bubble maps integration to identify "shady devs" wallets.

SEC informs $ETH ETF issuers to have S-1 forms ready by Friday.

A16Z founders collectively donated $19M to pro-crypto political superPAC Fairshake.

Donald Trump was rumored to be consulting Elon Musk about crypto, but Elon publicly denied this.

FTX_Official legal fees have been approved for over $500M.

Do Kwon and Terraform Labs have tentatively agreed to settle SEC fraud case.

Nigerian pop-star “Davido” accused of pumping and dumping $Davido memecoin… just like he’s done before.
BlockchainX Tech
1 month ago
Why you should create a Memecoin on Solana | Launch your own SOL Memecoin | BlockchainX

Hello everyone, Solana Memecoins have made a lot of noise in the web3 ecosystem and rightfully so. For those of who don’t know, Solana is a superfast blockchain network that was popularized in the last bull run with the NFT crowd. This time around, Solana is turning heads with multiple successful Memecoin launches with some coins even crossing a billions of dollars in Marketcap.

link: https://youtu.be/m_ezlXmhB...
Why you should create a Memecoin on Solana | Launch your own SOL Memecoin | BlockchainX - YouTube

Hello everyone, Solana Memecoins have made a lot of noise in the web3 ecosystem and rightfully so. For those of who don’t know, Solana is a superfast blockch...

Will Martin
2 months ago
🐸 Best Performing #memecoin
$PEPE has surged almost 1100% YTD in 2024.
Will this unstoppable trend break new records in June? 🌟 #PEPE #CryptoTrends

Will Martin
2 months ago
Metaverse vs. Meme Coins: Battle of the Sectors!

With #memecoin surging, #metaverse tokens join the party.

Our analysis explores this trend & what it means for the broader crypto market. #Cryptocurrency
Will Martin
2 months ago
BONK Eyes Channel Breakout!

Riding the #memecoin wave, $BONK surges within a rising channel.
A breakout could send prices soaring! Is this the potential upside & is it a buy? #crypto

Will Martin
2 months ago
Here's what happened in crypto in the last 12 hours:

- A memecoin allegedly launched by Caitlyn Jenner has dropped 61% in the past 6 hours.
- The Phantom trading app has overtaken Telegram in the U.S. Google Play store rankings.
- Donald Trump’s crypto holdings have surpassed $10 million.
Bitcoin ($BTC) has risen back above $70,000.
- $FLOKI has introduced a new trading bot, and its fees are expected to boost token demand.
- JP Morgan doubts the SEC will approve $SOL and other crypto ETFs, saying "most cryptocurrencies are securities."
- Vitalik Buterin proposed the first mainnet block for Ethereum layer 2 Taiko.
- Argentina and El Salvador are discussing Bitcoin ($BTC) adoption.
- The ton_blockchain ($TON) has exceeded $300 million in total value locked (TVL).
Will Martin
2 months ago
Is #PEPE ready for a monster rally?
Our analysis breaks down the recent surge, potential correction, and what to watch for next. #Cryptocurrency #memecoin
Will Martin
2 months ago
Altcoins on the Move!
Bitcoin's rally is fueling gains across the market. Here are 3 altcoins with breakout potential:
Fetch.ai (FET): Bullish triangle pattern hints at a surge to $3.48 or even $5 by month's end.
Floki (FLOKI): Recent breakout suggests a climb to $0.00045, capitalizing on meme coin momentum.
Bonk (BONK): Inverted head & shoulders pattern forming, potentially driving price to $0.000071.
Will Martin
2 months ago
𝐀𝐫𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐖𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝟏𝟎𝟎𝐱 𝐀𝐥𝐭𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧?

Then this tweet is for you.

Every bull run, there's a crypto sector that performs the best.

In 2017, it was ICOs, which pumped 200x

In 2021, it was Gaming&NFTs that helped people make 100x gains.

In this bull run, people are expecting that RWAs or AI will be the leading narrative, but they all could be wrong.

Although AI and RWAs will give amazing returns, there's one sector that could outperform the rest.

I'm talking about memecoins, which have been part of this crypto space since 2014, but they have gained the most popularity in the past year.

Right now, memecoins have a market cap of $55B which seems high, but it could rise way more in the current cycle.

Now, let's start with the primary reasons why memecoins will be the top preference for retailers.

➊ New crypto projects are doomed

➜ In the past few months, almost every crypto project has launched at a very high FDV.

➜ On the other hand, most memecoins have a completely fair launch, and they launch with a MCap of < $100K

➜ For example, KOKO had a completely fair launch, and its initial market cap was < $50K.

➋ Low fees and fast transactions

➜ In the last bull run, when memecoin mania began, it became almost impossible for retail to buy those memecoins because of the very high gas fees on ETH.

➜ But this time, Solana has completely eliminated that problem.

➜ Retailers can spend < $0.1 for their transactions, and that too will happen within seconds.

➌ Backing from mainstream celebrities

➜ Even though most memecoins don't have VC backing, they do have some mainstream celebrities backing them.

➜ People like Elon Musk, Mr. Beast, and Mark Cuban have all shown their support for memecoins, which has helped memecoins become mainstream.

➜ This cycle, I think there'll be even more mainstream celebrities talking about memecoins, which will make this sector go parabolic.

➍ Immense potential

➜ There's no limit to the upside potential of a memecoin project.

➜ In 2021, SHIB launched at almost $10K MarketCap and peaked at $40B market cap in a year.

➜ The same is true for PEPE, WIF, BONK, KOKO, and many other memecoins that have given 1000x-100000x returns.

𝐌𝐚𝐣𝐨𝐫 𝐑𝐢𝐬𝐤𝐬

Nothing comes without a risk, and the same is true for memecoins.

By looking at these 3 things, one could reduce their risks by over 90%.

➜ Information about deployer

➜ Top wallets holding

➜ Community behind the projec
Will Martin
2 months ago
PEPE Pumping! Top Memecoin Soars to All-Time High
85% Upside Potential? Technicals suggest PEPE's bull run could continue.
Breaking above $0.000010 key for momentum. Eyes on $0.000019 target.
Meme Mania Back? Keep an eye on potential retracements. #PEPE #memecoin #CryptoAnalysis

Will Martin
2 months ago
FLOKI Eyes Summer Pump!
Price jumps 17% in 24hrs, ranking 2nd among meme coins!
Falling wedge breakout gaining traction after retest.
$0.00020 resistance key for potential 50% surge to $0.00030.
Will FLOKI unleash its inner beast this summer? #Floki #memecoin #CryptoAnalysis
Will Martin
2 months ago
Woof! #SHIB stuck in a triangle!

Technical analysis suggests a breakout imminent, but will it be to the moon or the doghouse?

Keep your eyes peeled, Shib Army! #memecoin #Cryptocurrency

Aurora Grace
2 months ago
Solana: The Home for Memecoins

Solana's fast and scalable network makes it ideal for meme coin development. Find out how to create, market, and grow a meme coin in this thriving ecosystem.


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