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Crypto Morning News Recap

Economic Daily's Update: There's a push to use the digital yuan more in global collaborations.

Polygon's Progress: Polygon's co-founder says most of the work to change Polygon into a ZK protocol is done.

Legal Action Against Ryan Salame: The former CEO of FTX's Bahamas branch has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

Changes at Binance France: Binance France has new shareholders after replacing CZ.

Sei Foundation's Airdrop: Over 27.42 million SEI will be given out in the second phase of their airdrop.

ENS Labs Proposal: ENS Labs wants to upgrade to ENSv2, moving the Ethereum Name Service to Layer 2.

Mt.Gox's Bitcoin Division: Mt.Gox is dividing its bitcoin holdings into three new addresses.

Babylon's Testnet Announcement: Babylon has announced the launch of Testnet-4 for bitcoin mining.

LayerZero's Statement: LayerZero's founder addressed concerns about reliability in reporting addresses.

ZKasino's Refund Policy: ZKasino will refund ETH to those not participating in the ZKAS conversion.

Semler Scientific's Purchase: Nasdaq-listed Semler Scientific has bought 581 BTC as its primary reserve asset.

UniSat's Update: UniSat will send ETH to users within seven days after ending a pizza collection event.

DWF Partner's Support: DWF Partner is prepared to support projects working with MEME coins financially.

Arbitrum's Mainnet Plans: If BoLD passes the DAO vote, Arbitrum's mainnet will launch soon.

EOS Network Foundation's Announcement: The EOS Network Foundation shared details about the new EOS token economy.

Legal Development: A U.S. judge dismissed the Debt Box case, ordering the SEC to pay $1.8 million.

DOG-GO-TO-THE-MOON's Surge: The token has reached new highs, surpassing $0.0054, with a market cap over $550 million.

Crypto Voter Survey Findings: 33% of American voters consider a candidate's stance on cryptocurrency when voting.
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