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How do doctors check sperm counts?

Trying to conceive? Wondering if all systems are ready? A sperm count test might be on the horizon. But how exactly do doctors assess those miniature swimmers?

Think of it as a quality check under a high-powered microscope. This test, also known as a semen analysis , analyzes various aspects of your sperm, like:

Quantity: This is the big one—the total number of sperm in a single ejaculate.

Movement (motility): Healthy sperm should be vigorously swimming in a straight line, not doing the backstroke!

Shape (morphology): Ideally, sperm should have a streamlined, tadpole-like shape for optimal movement.

So, how much does this little dive into your fertility cost? Sperm count test prices can vary depending on your location and the specific lab, but they generally fall within the range of ₹200 to ₹1500.

Pro tip: Thinking about getting tested? Check with your doctor for any specific instructions beforehand. They might recommend abstaining from sexual activity for a certain period of time to ensure an accurate sample.
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