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First and foremost, Scooterpartsco LLC is run by enthusiasts. We are active Scooterists who ride almost every day. We try to be open Monday to Friday from 12 to 6 and occasionally wander in on weekends. We do celebrate every holiday imaginable, and some we make up, so if we aren't open, it's probably a holiday somewhere.

Scooterpartsco started over a Vespa Starter Motor. We ran a very busy scooter repair shop and when the local Vespa dealer packed it in, we started getting most of the Vespa service. The first time we priced out a starter for an ET4, and then realized it is the same part that was used on a lot of Japanese bikes and is about half the price from them, we decided to figure out why Vespa parts are so expensive in the US.

As luck would have it, a Vespa dealer from Italy was vacationing in Charleston and stopped in our store to talk shop. We soon figured out that US prices are about double what they are in Italy. Piaggio is one of the largest scooter companies in the world, and there is no way the world is paying that much for parts. It's like finding out that in Germany you can buy a Mercedes with a cloth interior and roll down windows (which you can).

So we made a deal to buy direct from that dealer and found out another thing. Parts are almost always in stock in Italy. By importing parts, and maintaining reasonable margins, we can offer OEM Piaggio and Vespa parts for a lot less than your local Vespa dealer. In some cases, our prices are less than your local dealer pays for the same part. And if something's on backorder in the US, the odds are that we can get it quicker too. Now, we also purchase parts from two of the biggest Piaggio parts suppliers in Italy, companies that distribute OEM parts for Piaggio. The parts on our website are IN STOCK, unless labelled otherwise.

Good, Fast, Cheap, pick two. This is one of the mottoes we used in figuring out how to operate. We decided to go with Good and Cheap. Despite that, we manage to fill and ship 93% of orders the same or next Business day.

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Scooterpartsco LLC
Phone: 843-642-5671
Email: infoscooterpartsco.com
Visit us: http://scooterpartsco.com
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