Herkimer Diamond Petroleum - Meaning, History, Healing Properties

Herkimer Diamond Petroleum is seen as 'the stone of attunement,' addressing raised vibrational light and clearness to work with higher attunement and astral affiliations. It is accepted that they help detoxify the body, further, develop dissemination for recuperating, and address cell problems because of their elevated recurrence. Known as the stone of high vibrational frequencies, the Herkimer diamond consolidates the characteristics of Clear Quartz and Amethyst. This strong gem consolidates the strong intensification properties of Clear Quartz with the quieting properties and crown chakra arrangement of Amethyst. With its six aspects and double end, this pearl might communicate strong energies. The motivation behind the Herkimer diamond is to advance astral correspondence, improve attunement, and create a sensation of unadulterated lucidity in one's detects.

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