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7 Best Telegram Bots! #Part1

1. Truecaller Bot
You can extract information of any number through the Truecaller bot. For example, the number will show which operator and the name of the number. Some number information will not come! Link:- https://t.me/TrueCaller_Z_...

2. Generate Anemia 
Any image can be converted into anime with this bot. Link:- https://t.me/Animeintel_bo...

3. Chat GPT 4
You can use Chat GPT with this Telegram bot. No website hassles.
Link- https://t.me/GPT4Telegramb...

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6. Face Convert Bot

With the help of this bot, you can put your face in any picture. Therefore, first send the picture of the look you want to place, then you will get the new mix picture only if you send the picture you want to place.link-

7. Multi Function Bot

Many types of work can be done with this one bot. For example: Link Short, Password Generate, Web Search, Translate, Text to Voice, Image to Sticker, Truecolor, can convert any text to QR code.
Link- https://t.me/Functions_Rob...
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Best Telegram Bots! #Part2

4. AI Text to Voice

You can convert any text to voice with AI bot. Just by writing something and sending it, it will be automatically converted to voice.link-

5. Text to Image

Just write and publish what your desired image will look like and the image will be converted link- https://t.me/AiImageBot