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Must Try Local street food of Agra

Petha: Agra is famous for its Petha, a translucent candy made from ash gourd. Try different varieties like plain, saffron, and paan flavored Petha.

Bedai and Kachori: A popular breakfast dish made of fried dough served with spicy potato curry and tangy chutney.

Aloo Tikki: Fried potato patties seasoned with spices, served with tangy tamarind chutney and yogurt.

Jalebi: Crispy, golden swirls of deep-fried batter soaked in sugar syrup, offering a perfect blend of sweetness and crunchiness.

Chaat: Try various chaat dishes like Aloo Tikki Chaat, Papdi Chaat, and Samosa Chaat, topped with yogurt, chutneys, and crunchy sev.

Kulfi: Try creamy, traditional Indian ice cream made from thickened milk, available in flavors like mango, pistachio, and saffron.

Kebabs: Relish the flavor of kebabs like Seekh Kebab, Boti Kebab, and Chicken Tikka, served hot and fresh from the grill.

Agra is not just about the Taj Mahal, it is also a paradise for food lovers. Exploring the vibrant streets of Agra and enjoying its tasty street food delights is an experience that will leave your taste buds craving for more. So Plan your trip to Agra from Delhi with our πŸπŸ” 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 π“πžπ¦π©π¨ π“π«πšπ―πžπ₯π₯𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐧 πƒπžπ₯𝐑𝐒 and try these superb dishes while travelling.


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Ankur Sharma
3 months ago
Best Places to enjoy local street food in Delhi

Delhi is a heaven for food lovers, especially those who enjoy street food. Here are some of the best places to enjoy local street food in Delhi. These are just a few of the many places where you can enjoy delicious street food in Delhi. Explore these places with our 𝐈𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐯𝐚 π‚π«π²π¬π­πš π‚πšπ« π‡π’π«πž and make sure to explore the diverse culinary scene and savour the flavours of street food in Delhi.

Chandni Chowk: This bustling market in Old Delhi is famous for its street food. From parathas at Parathe Wali Gali to the iconic chole bhature at Sitaram Diwan Chand and mouthwatering kebabs at Karim's, Chandni Chowk offers a wide variety of delicious options.

Connaught Place (CP): Connaught Place is not only a shopping hub but also a best place to enjoy tasty food in Delhi. Head to Wenger for its iconic chicken patties, Kake Di Hatti for delicious North Indian meals, and Khan Chacha for the best rolls.

Lajpat Nagar: This bustling South Delhi market is known for its chaat. Try the golgappas at Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, aloo tikki at Shyam Sweets, and dahi bhalla at Odeon Sweets for a burst of flavours.

Old Delhi's Paranthe Wali Gali: As the name suggests, this narrow lane in Chandni Chowk specialises in parathas. From sweet to savoury options like potato, paneer, and even rabri parathas, this place is a must-visit for paratha lovers.

Karol Bagh: Another popular market in Delhi, Karol Bagh offers a variety of street food options. Do not miss the famous fruit chaat at Bittoo Tikki Wala, spicy chole kulche at Roshan Di Kulfi, and delicious jalebis at Old Famous Jalebi Wala.

Pandara Road Market: Pandara Road Market also offers some tasty street food options. Try the butter chicken and kebabs at Aslam Chicken, and wrap up your meal with a refreshing kulfi at Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale.

Jama Masjid: This area near the Jama Masjid is famous for its Mughlai cuisine. Try kebabs, flavorful biryanis, and rich Mughlai curries at iconic eateries like Al Jawahar and Karim's.


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