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The whole world should know if Bangladesh has truly become independent.

A person named Abu Sayed was martyred in the struggle for rights. Many more were martyred, and the number of injured students has exceeded thousands.
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Top App Marketing Agencies USA

Are you also struggling to find a marketing agency for your business? Probably it would be yes atleast at some point of time. Since few years, marketing have gained a lot more importance in terms of business be it app or any other product marketing. In general if you ask me to define marketing, I would say- It is the best way to present your product and reach out to the right person in order to make it a named success. With the increasing market competitors, if you create an awesome app in all aspects with salient features, but fail to advertise it to the audience, all your efforts will drown because you couldn’t impress the audience who define your success.

There can be thousands of strategies to follow in the app marketing business. It just depends on what best works for you. All the companies listed here follow some or the other marketing strategy whichever they believe in.

For getting down to this conclusion, we have taken various factors into consideration which may be listed as-

The number of years they have been into the app marketing business.
The uniqueness they carry in the app marketing strategy.
The demographics they serve and have been more active.
The online rating and customer reviews on various sites like clutch and goodfirms.
Their overall performance, media existence and presence over different sources.
The clients and customers they have served in their business span which gives them a reputation to hold.

1.Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

The first name in the List of Top App Marketing Agencies can surely be CIS as they are into this business since 14 years now. It was established with the aim to help customers succeed through high IT skills, and to bring in new employment opportunities in different countries and aid in country’s social development.


The company comprises of an expert team of professionals who know how to offer the best services to the clients and keep them satisfied. They expertise not only in SEO but also cover content marketing, social media, digital marketing and more.


Five is an App Marketing Agency based in Brooklyn, New York. It was setup back in 2007 and is being serving a large number of clients with their innovative solutions. They set the growth strategy, deliver the product, and continually track, analyze and optimize all the funnels.

4. Blue Label Labs

It was established in 2009 and is based in US. They are known for providing end-to-end solution in the app development cycle- from development to app launch and also maintenance post launch.


Moburst is an app marketing agency based in San Francisco, California. It is a global mobile success company that helps leading brands and startups master the mobile arena. Their main specialty is helping companies conquer their toughest challenges through cost-effective, creative, and innovative mobile marketing campaigns.

6.Thinsquare LLC.

Thinsquare is a USA based digital marketing agency established in 2012. In these years, even less than a decade, it is known for solutions like Web Development and E-marketing Services to the clients belonging to the different corners of the world.


Working since 2009, Appency is a team of mobile marketers that serves you and hence you can make a big noise in the app ecosystem. It is an app specific marketing agency that work with different business bodies.

8. Dot com infoway

It holds 18+ years of experience in the same domain. A tremendous growth is being observed in the recent years. The client count, projects, employee count all have grown remarkably since they were established.


It is a company that basically deals with marketing of apps and follow digital marketing campaign solely. They have professionals for all divisions of digital marketing like content marketing, SEO, PPC, etc.


It is a agency that works in quite a different way with unique solutions and strategies. They believe in doing things that the others say are impossible or beyond approach. It is originally based in San Francisco, CA but provides with solutions to the clients and customers worldwide.

Source: https://www.agicent.com/bl...

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