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Mollik Juel
4 days ago
Open your eyes and look at me—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

I move forward, fall in the hail of bullets—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

Who are you, my brother, let me know.
Look beside you, I am that martyr Abu Said.

You will show—your rights, your demands.
#Rights #StudentPower #SaveBangladeshiStudents #StudentsUnderAttack #Quotamovement #Bangladesh
Spell Club
18 days ago
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Will Martin
1 month ago
CoinGecko reports June 5th data breach, 1.9M contacts compromised. #CoinGecko #DataBreach #Cryptocurrency #news
Will Martin
2 months ago
$Tether CEO warns of compromised email vendor for crypto firms

Possible supply chain attack caution urged for crypto-airdrop emails

coingecko confirms potential impact warns against fake token launches

Previous breachs highlight ongoing email security risks in cryptoindustry
ninja warriors
9 months ago
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#cryptotrading #ninjawarriorsmeta #cryptoinvestment #buy #startup #coinge #investment

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