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4 months ago
#enterprises frequently possess pre-existing #IT infrastructure and legacy systems that require integration with #OpenStack powered #clouds . The seamless integration of OpenStack with other cloud platforms and current IT systems may be hampered by the #absence of established interfaces and protocols. To solve this issue, initiatives to create industry standards and encourage interoperability are required.
5 months ago
Infrastructure as A Service (IaaS) Market Research, Global Market Analysis and Forecast, 2023-2030

Global Infrastructure as a Service Market Was Estimated At USD 105 Billion In 2022, And Is Projected To Reach USD 416.60 Billion By 2030, Growing At A CAGR Of 18.8 % Over The Analysis Period.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a cloud computing business model that charges consumers for computer services over the Internet based on their type and duration. Cloud orchestration technologies like Apache CloudStack, OpenStack, and OpenNebula are used in most IaaS. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) lets consumers outsource IT infrastructure like networking, servers, virtual machines, storage, computing, and more. These outsourced resources are available online and on a pay-per-use basis.

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