Linda Helen
2 hours ago
FDA is a federal agency in the US (United States), protects the public health by ensuring the safety of food and drug products. It provides approval for new drug products and as well as critical medical devices to enter the US market. FDA follows effective steps to approve an organization that manufactures drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, etc. https://ias-malaysia.com/f...
Richard ggh
2 days ago
Embarking on a journey with Thai Airways is synonymous with experiencing the grace and hospitality for which Thailand is renowned. Recently, I had the pleasure of planning my trip through the Thai Airways Kuala Lumpur Office in Malaysia, and the seamless experience from booking to touchdown left an indelible mark on my travel memoir.
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TEO JIN HUANG Grew up on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, and later moved to another beautiful island, and his current home, Singapore. TEO JIN HUANG was lawyer at Rajen Law Practice (*while setting up firm), LLB from National University of Singapore (Class of 2008), Advocate & Solicitor Supreme Court of Singapore (18 May 2009), Associate Mediator at Singapore Mediation Centre (since 2009), Commissioner for Oaths (since 2019)

He Personally handle all his cases, His areas of services are

Divorce / Annulment / Separation
Family Violence / Personal Protection Orders (PPOs)
Custody, Care & Control & Access / Other Children’s Issues
Maintenance (wife / child)
Cross-Border Issues
Estate Planning / Probate & Letters of Administration / Mental Capacity
Civil / Commercial Litigation / Claims

Visit Teo Jin Huang Website : https://jinhuang.sg/areas-...
17 days ago
Are you passionate about cryptocurrencies, but not sure how to kickstart your exchange platform?

With our white-label crypto exchange, you can easily customize the platform to match your branding and business requirements. It's the perfect solution for #entrepreneurs , #startups , and established businesses who want to enter the exciting world of crypto platforms. >>https://bit.ly/3NPwJr1
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Alphasports Tech
1 month ago
Do you want to start your own online casino game app in Metaverse, Blockchain, or NFT? Check out Alphasports Tech, the leading casino game development service provider with elite features. Visit their website to learn more: https://www.alphasportstec...

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Aqsad Iesa
1 month ago
Air Duct Cleaning near Me

IAQ Facility Services provides air duct cleaning services throughout Malaysia to maintain safe and healthy Indoor air quality. We have efficiently cleaned and disinfected ductwork has been recognized to reduce mold, fungi, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and dust particles. IAQ Facility Services has been a leader in indoor air quality solutions for decades. Contact us for free consultation and visit our site!

Nora Grace
1 month ago

Atlas speakers malaysia & Vision Sdn Bhd aims to become a reference and inspiration in quality sound and vision lifestyle solutions. We delight in sharing our expertise with you and help enrich your audiovisual experience.
Nora Grace
1 month ago
smart home in malaysia is an innovative appliance designer and manufacturer, striving to bring “perfection” into our customers’ lives. Our vision is to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and smart, have excellent value, and are easy to use. We are continually developing and creating smart appliances that are reasonably priced so that you can get the most value for what you spend.
Baki Rose
1 month ago
1 month ago
We specialize in developing cutting-edge #ai systems that can help you streamline your operations, improve customer experience, and drive innovation.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized #AIsolutions that deliver tangible results. >> https://bit.ly/45K0Hm7

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Philippines Today
3 months ago
BASAHA: Ang mga biktima giingong gisaaran nga mokita og kapin sa P50,000 matag buwan, apil na ang komisyon.

“Sa Facebook, ayun na nagchachat na sa kanila sige kami gagastos dyan sige kami na bahala pagdating doon porsyentuhan na lang doon,” istorya sa asawa sa usa ka OFW.

Ang mga biktima gihatod sa barko gikan sa Zamboanga paingon sa Malaysia, dayon sa Thailand ug sa kataposan sa laing barko paingon sa Myanmar.

“Thailand po pangako sa kanila tapos nagtataka na lang asawa ko bakit siya tinawid sa bangka tapos piniringan daw hanggang nagulat na lang siya may van na sumundo sa kanila,” dugang pa niya.

“Scammer po sila. Kapag naka-invest na ng buong pera ang tao hindi na nila ibabalik, sa kumpanya na nila mapupunta ang perang yun.”


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