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Mollik Juel
11 hours ago
Open your eyes and look at me—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

I move forward, fall in the hail of bullets—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

Who are you, my brother, let me know.
Look beside you, I am that martyr Abu Said.

You will show—your rights, your demands.
#Rights #StudentPower #SaveBangladeshiStudents #StudentsUnderAttack #Quotamovement #Bangladesh
Will Martin
1 month ago
realDonaldTrump crypto holdings exceed $32M largely from #MemeCoins $MAGA and $Trog

He entered the market with NFT releases, selling 45,000 Trump Digital Trading Cards

$Trog constitutes over half of his portfolio, rising 160% after his ownership reveal
Jake Lobo
2 months ago
Trump`s Secret Weapon in 2024: Crypto? Musk weighs In!

🔵Elon Musk denied discussing cryptocurrency with Donald Trump, contrary to a Bloomberg report.

🔵Musk clarified on social media that he allows pass power from the government to the people, which crypto can achieve.

🔵Trump is the usage of pass a pro-crypto approach in his 2024 presidential campaign, collectively with assisting crypto organizations and accepting crypto donations.

🔵Trump has promised to surrender regulatory hostility withinside the path of the crypto company if re-elected, aiming to attract tech-savvy voters.
Jake Lobo
2 months ago
Crypto Drama: TRUMP Token Recovers Millions in Minutes!

🔵The TRUMP token tied to Donald Trump recovered after a 16% drop following his accountable verdict for falsifying employer records.

🔵Despite losing $a hundred thirty million in market nearly accomplishing nearly its 24-hour top of $14.92.

🔵Joe Biden`s meme coin, Jeo Boden (BODEN), in short, rose 6.4% in advance than falling under its pre-verdict price.

🔵 Trump`s conviction movements to sentencing, predicted to in addition, weather polarize the political weather earlier of the November election.
Will Martin
2 months ago
What happened in Crypto in the last 12 hours…?

Trump found guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying business documents.

Political memecoins see over $300M in 24-hour trading volume.

Pumpdotfun announces bubble maps integration to identify "shady devs" wallets.

SEC informs $ETH ETF issuers to have S-1 forms ready by Friday.

A16Z founders collectively donated $19M to pro-crypto political superPAC Fairshake.

Donald Trump was rumored to be consulting Elon Musk about crypto, but Elon publicly denied this.

FTX_Official legal fees have been approved for over $500M.

Do Kwon and Terraform Labs have tentatively agreed to settle SEC fraud case.

Nigerian pop-star “Davido” accused of pumping and dumping $Davido memecoin… just like he’s done before.
Will Martin
2 months ago
What Happened in Crypto in the Last 12 Hours?

- Mt. Gox CEO Update: The former Mt. Gox CEO assures there is "no imminent sale of Bitcoins" despite recent wallet transfers.
- Trump's Bitcoin Strategy: Donald Trump is exploring using Bitcoin ($BTC) to help manage the national debt.
- Semler Scientific's Bitcoin Purchase: Semler Scientific buys $40 million in Bitcoin ($BTC) as its primary treasury asset.
- FTX Executive Sentenced: Ryan Salame from FTX gets 7.5 years in prison after a guilty plea.
- $FLOKI and Immune Partnership: $FLOKI partners with Immune, offering a $50,000 bug bounty.
- Joe Rogan's $KARATE Announcement: Joe Rogan will attend a $KARATE Combat match on Thursday.
- Stablecoin Bill Progress: A stablecoin bill might pass this year, driven by political spending, says TD Cowan.
Will Martin
2 months ago
Here's what happened in crypto in the last 12 hours:

- A memecoin allegedly launched by Caitlyn Jenner has dropped 61% in the past 6 hours.
- The Phantom trading app has overtaken Telegram in the U.S. Google Play store rankings.
- Donald Trump’s crypto holdings have surpassed $10 million.
Bitcoin ($BTC) has risen back above $70,000.
- $FLOKI has introduced a new trading bot, and its fees are expected to boost token demand.
- JP Morgan doubts the SEC will approve $SOL and other crypto ETFs, saying "most cryptocurrencies are securities."
- Vitalik Buterin proposed the first mainnet block for Ethereum layer 2 Taiko.
- Argentina and El Salvador are discussing Bitcoin ($BTC) adoption.
- The ton_blockchain ($TON) has exceeded $300 million in total value locked (TVL).
Will Martin
2 months ago
☕️ Good morning! Here are the top crypto news from the past 24 hours:

🟠 Donald Trump promised to pardon Ross Ulbricht, opposed central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and supported self-custody during a speech at the Libertarian Convention.

🟠 Regulators from Argentina and El Salvador met to discuss Bitcoin adoption, exploring ways to collaborate and regulate digital assets.

🟠 Friendtech's token price fell over 20% after co-founder Racer hinted at leaving the Ethereum Layer-2 network Base.

🟠 Ethereum developers plan to release the Pectra upgrade by early 2025, which will include several improvements to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and higher staking limits.

🟠 Nomura and Laser Digital are partnering with GMO to explore issuing yen- and USD-backed stablecoins in Japan.

🟠 MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor said the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs would help Bitcoin by making it more legitimate and attracting institutional investors.

🟠 Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Storm’s defense team filed motions to dismiss charges and challenge evidence, citing overreach by prosecutors and violations of the Fourth Amendment.

🟠 The Uniswap Foundation reported it holds $41.41 million in cash and stablecoins, 730,000 UNI tokens, and plans to vote on a fee mechanism by May 31.

🟠 Several crypto influencers and celebrities on X were hacked, promoting tokens like Luna2 and ORDI, raising concerns about account security.

🟠 Cristiano Ronaldo is launching his 4th NFT collection with Binance on May 29, despite being involved in a $1 billion lawsuit related to previous NFT sales.
World News
2 months ago
Watch again as Donald Trump’s hush money trial continues in New York
Alain Web-creator
2 months ago
🚨 What is it with GOP people doing the weakest "power" fists. That looks like a cat statue at a Japanese restaurant .


#alainwebcreator from #Twitbook24
5 months ago
In a bold move, Donald Trump asserts that the 14th Amendment doesn't apply to him, notifying the Supreme Court. This unprecedented claim sparks debate over constitutional interpretation and presidential immunity.
6 months ago

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