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Mollik Juel
6 days ago
Open your eyes and look at me—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

I move forward, fall in the hail of bullets—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

Who are you, my brother, let me know.
Look beside you, I am that martyr Abu Said.

You will show—your rights, your demands.
#Rights #StudentPower #SaveBangladeshiStudents #StudentsUnderAttack #Quotamovement #Bangladesh
Unknown Creator
2 months ago
Embracing the golden hour, where every shadow and highlight weave a tale. A moment of introspection, a pause in the journey. The sun, a gradient orb of warmth, illuminates the world, casting a glow on the obscured face of a wanderer. #ArtInspires #goldenhour 🌅
Unknown Creator
3 months ago
Under the crescent moon’s gentle glow, a city of dreams is unveiled. Silhouettes dance and stories unfold in this mystical metropolis. #ArtInspires #CityOfDreams” 🌙🌃

Prompts: A silhouette of a woman holding an umbrella. The umbrella is open, and its underside appears to be made of a starry night sky. The woman's dress flows downwards, transforming into a cityscape with skyscrapers. Above the city, there's a crescent moon, and the entire scene is set against a dark, cloudy sky.ᎩᗩᏆᔑ(◠‿◠), wildlife photography, dark fantasy, illustration, conceptual art, fashion, poster, vibrant

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