Jake Lobo
2 months ago
Breaking Development: #Coinbase Submits Closing Brief Opposing #SEC 's Denial in Rulemaking Conflict
Coinbase vs. SEC

🔷Today, Coinbase filed a remaining brief withinside the Third Circuit, tough the SEC`s denial of their regulation petition.

🔷The case revolves round an single language withinside the SEC order, which Coinbase claims lacks reasoned decision-making.

🔷 Coinbase argues that the SEC lacks congressional authorization to adjust a nascent organization with out mounting standards.

🔷Coinbase respects the Third Circuit`s interest and reiterates its willpower to recommend for clarity withinside the sector.
Jake Lobo
2 months ago
Trump`s Secret Weapon in 2024: Crypto? Musk weighs In!

🔵Elon Musk denied discussing cryptocurrency with Donald Trump, contrary to a Bloomberg report.

🔵Musk clarified on social media that he allows pass power from the government to the people, which crypto can achieve.

🔵Trump is the usage of pass a pro-crypto approach in his 2024 presidential campaign, collectively with assisting crypto organizations and accepting crypto donations.

🔵Trump has promised to surrender regulatory hostility withinside the path of the crypto company if re-elected, aiming to attract tech-savvy voters.
Jake Lobo
2 months ago
Crypto Drama: TRUMP Token Recovers Millions in Minutes!

🔵The TRUMP token tied to Donald Trump recovered after a 16% drop following his accountable verdict for falsifying employer records.

🔵Despite losing $a hundred thirty million in market nearly accomplishing nearly its 24-hour top of $14.92.

🔵Joe Biden`s meme coin, Jeo Boden (BODEN), in short, rose 6.4% in advance than falling under its pre-verdict price.

🔵 Trump`s conviction movements to sentencing, predicted to in addition, weather polarize the political weather earlier of the November election.
Jake Lobo
2 months ago
Why Senator Lummis believes Bitcoin is America's Economic Savior

Senator Cynthia Lummis emphasizes the growing importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to the US economy, as well as the most recent crypto-friendly policies.

Lummis and other politicians are actively advising the Senate on virtual assets, resulting in significant legislative moves like as the #FIT21 crypto bill.

#cryptocurrencies , particularly #bitcoin and #Ethereum , have emerged as important economic topics and are a major issue in Washington.

Both Donald #Trump and Joe Biden support cryptocurrency integration, emphasizing its importance in the next 2024 elections and future financial policy.