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2 months ago
AWWA Gate Valve Manufacturers
Valvesonly are the best AWWA Gate Valve Manufacturers in USA. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) gate valve is a type of valve commonly used in water supply systems, particularly in municipal water distribution networks.
• Material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
• Class: 150 to 300.
• Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25.
• Size: 1" to 72".
• Ends: Flanged, Threaded, Socket and Butt Weld
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Valves Only
3 months ago
Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturer
Valvesonly is a trusted Thermal Safety Valve Manufacturer in USA. A Thermal Safety Valve is a crucial component in various industrial processes and systems designed to prevent overheating and ensure the safe operation of equipment by releasing excess thermal energy.
• Body material: Cast iron, cast steel (WCB, WCC, LCC, LCB, WC6, WC9), Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel (SS316, SS304, CF8).
• Class: 150 - 2500, PN10-PN450
• Size: ½” - 40”
• Ends: Socket weld butt weld, flanged, threaded.
• Operation: Handwheel, Gear operated, Electric Actuated, and Pneumatic Actuated.
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