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5 months ago
Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Gil is the world's currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Players earn gil through various activities like completing quests, guildleves and the Duty Finder, killing enemies in dungeons and raid boss chests, selling items and Materia to NPCs, and on the Market Board.

Farming gil can be a long and tedious process. This article will explore some of the more efficient ways to make gil in the game.

How to get gil?

There are a few different ways to get gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Players can earn gil through daily roulettes, hunt boards, crafting, or by selling items. They can also earn gil by completing levequests. Levequests are a good way to earn a lot of gil because they usually require the player to hand in items. This can include gear, minions, furnishing, or dyes. The player can then sell these items on the Market Board for a good profit.

Getting a lot of Gil can help players buy better weapons, customize their character, or get a fancy mount. However, players also need to consider their long term goals when it comes to FFXIV Gil.

Having several methods of earning gil is the best way to ensure that players have enough money for their goals in the future. Some methods, such as flipping and reselling items, may not be the best for all players. However, others, such as farming, are a reliable source of income that can be done over time. Those that want to understand f14 gil, they will Get More Info https://www.mmogah.com/ffx... .


Having enough Gil can allow you to skip difficulties in the game, purchase catchup gear for a new expansion or even buy a house. While a large amount of Gil may be seen as an in-game luxury, it is also essential for the player to have if they want to progress through the content quickly and easily.
Like most MMOs with a non-RMT currency system, FFXIV is not without its gil farming methods. Players can make gil by killing monsters, completing main scenario quests, guildleves, dungeons and dut