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12 days ago
Top AI Development Companies

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) extends its transformative reach across diverse industries. From healthcare and finance to security, military defense, and beyond, AI-powered technologies and business models are reshaping the way we interact with the world.

1. Agicent

2. SoluLab

3. LeewayHertz

4. Sumatosoft

5. AIBrain

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12 days ago
How to make an App

Making an App in the world where Apps are loaded with AI capabilities is not just an intelligent decision for any business to find their digital edge, it has become more of an essential than ever. Making an App with advanced capabilities like AI, AR/ VR, Automation is easier for bigger organizations since they always have resources and budget to hire their own team or an Mobile Application development company for a premium. But most of the First time App Entrepreneurs or startups wonder about what will be the best way to make an app or how to make an app from the scratch in limited budget and resources.

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2 months ago
Best No-Code App Builders

1. Bubble. io

Bubble. io is renowned and powerful platform for developing applications without any code and expertise in technical field, one just has to give instructions and ideas of what they want to develop and this tool can build your application.

2. Glide

Glide is one of the no-code app builder platforms which has its working based on data, where mobile applications are created by fetching information directly from Google Sheets. One can convert their spreadsheet data into fully functional application in minute through this tool, irrespective from what background the person belongs, without requiring coding expertise.

3. Builder. ai

Builder. ai is one of the no-code platforms that has consistent and effective guidance for Artificial Intelligence. It uses Artificial intelligence for application development and customization. It reduces the complexities, in the development process of the application software with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

4. Draftbit

Draftbit is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates the development of software applications without code. Draftbit is a platform that has an interface where users can put their ideas as inputs, and later the platform will create the application accordingly. This platform empowers both developers and non-developers to create mobile apps for iOS and Android with ease.

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2 months ago
What is Web 4.0?

Explore the concept of Web 4.0, its innovations, and how it reshapes digital landscapes for a smarter, interconnected future.

Introduction to the Internet and its definitions

Internet is a large system that connects multiple servers and systems of computers, and mobile phones globally. Internet as per its definition is described as “networks of networks” that serve as crucial elements when it comes to communication between two distinct resources in the digital world. The conformations of the internet have always helped to transform day-to-day communication with every aspect that inclines us towards modern living.

In conclusion, Web 4.0 represents a convergence of technologies that hold the potential and strength to shape and transform the future where innovation and creativity are limitless and knows no bounds. By embracing and encouraging creativity, collaboration, and a forward-thinking broad mindset, we can harness the power of Web 4.0 to create a digital landscape where there are endless opportunities and the future will possess a positive change within itself.

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3 months ago
Top App Marketing Agencies USA

Are you also struggling to find a marketing agency for your business? Probably it would be yes atleast at some point of time. Since few years, marketing have gained a lot more importance in terms of business be it app or any other product marketing. In general if you ask me to define marketing, I would say- It is the best way to present your product and reach out to the right person in order to make it a named success. With the increasing market competitors, if you create an awesome app in all aspects with salient features, but fail to advertise it to the audience, all your efforts will drown because you couldn’t impress the audience who define your success.

1. Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

2. SeoEaze

3. Five

4. Blue Label Labs

5. Moburst

6. Thinsquare LLC.

7. Appency

8. Dot com infoway

9. Techmagnate

10. QMobi

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4 months ago
Website Maintenance Services

Get a fully managed website maintenance service package from Agicent starting at just $1900 monthly for various technologies like React.js, PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Wix, webflow and simple html and so on. You get a dedicated account manager, and shared designer and testers along with the web developer at this price. You can also opt for other services like SEO, Digital Marketing in case needed.
Expert Website Maintenance Services from Agicent
Unlock the power of our Managed Web Maintenance services on a month on month basis. Starting at just $1900 per month , you'll have a dedicated Web maintenance developer, along with fractional Project Management, Design, and Testing experts working at your disposal. This team is your ideal launchpad for maintaining websites, doing regular enhancements, backups, and enjoying continuous development and delivery.

Our developers and teams adopt a holistic product development approach, and they go beyond just coding to crafting exceptional web products that users love. With a focus on user experience, convenience, and scalability, we offer expertise in UI/UX design, rigorous testing, scalability planning, and architectural excellence. Whether you engage us for a single Developer Web maintenance team or multiple devs, you’ll get best in class project management, user experience, and testing expertise attached.

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4 months ago (E)
Top 10 IoT App Development Companies

1. Agicent:

3. Samsara:

4. Softeq:

5. Vates:

6. Lanars:

7. Verizon:

8. Oxagile:

9. PTC:

10. IBM:

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4 months ago
Top App Development Companies 2024

In today's digital age, mobile applications are an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it's for entertainment, productivity, or solving specific problems, there's an app for almost everything. With the ever-growing demand for innovative mobile applications, businesses and entrepreneurs alike are constantly on the lookout for the top app development companies to turn their ideas into reality.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some of the top app development companies in 2023, highlighting their achievements, expertise, and what sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

1- Agicent

2- Appinventiv

3- Goji Labs

4- Tack Mobile

5- Designli

6- Chetu

7- GloriumTechnologies

8- Suffescom

9- WillowTree

10- Intellectsoft


The world of app development is dynamic and ever-evolving. These top app development companies have consistently demonstrated their expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering cutting-edge mobile applications. When choosing an app development partner, it's essential to consider your specific needs, project scope, and budget. Researching and partnering with one of these top companies can be a significant step toward turning your app idea into a successful reality.

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4 months ago
Top MVP Development Companies For Startups

1. Agicent

2. Appinventiv

3. Contus

4. Brainhub

5. Future Processing

6. SoluLab

7. PurpleFire

8. Atta Systems

9. Appingine

10. Alphonic Network


MVP development is a critical step in the product development process. By creating an MVP, you can test your idea, validate your market, and gather feedback from users. This information can help you make informed decisions about your product development process and make sure that you are building a product that meets the needs of your target market.

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5 months ago
Android App Development Services from Agicent

Android is touted as the right choice for startups and emerging companies. Our Android development services ensure that it is fully capable of supporting established companies and their SME counterparts. We are an android development company that guarantees scalability with expertise in everything related to what is android app development.

Here are some of our prominent and Recent App releases, with their respective Android App Development Costs

Approx Development Cost: $ 40,000

Rates for Mobile App Developers on Demand

1 ) Junior Mobile App Developer

Exp. Level: 1-2 Years

Hands on iOS Development

3 Projects experience minimum

Agicent’s inhouse trained

Familiar with PM Tools

2) Mid-level Mobile App Developer

Exp. Level: 2-5 Years

10 Projects experience minimum

Backend Experience

Hands on CI/CD pipeline

Manages Jr. Developers

Perfect for complex react-native projects and fast Development.

3) Senior Mobile App Developer

Exp. Level: 5+ Years

15 Projects experience minimum

Full Stack Developer

Participate in Architecture

play Tech. Lead Role.

Our work

Agicent Technologies, recognized as a top Android app development company, takes pride in an extensive portfolio of over 1000 mobile apps, web apps, games, and desktop software. Awarded as the Top App Company in 2021 by Mobile App Daily, Agicent collaborates with a diverse clientele, including startups (e.g., HASfit, Wellcure, SmartIRX), established companies (e.g., Anton Paar GmBH, State Restaurant Equipment Inc), and industry giants (e.g., Tata Consultancy Services). Each project reflects Agicent's commitment to delivering superior Android apps and digital products consistently.

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