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Pave Setting: Everything You Need To Know

If more sparkle means more fun to you, and you desire to have a piece of jewelry with the look of a thousand sparkling stars, then "Pave Setting" is the setting you need to go for. It’s a brilliant stone setting style in which the gemstones tend to easily hide the metal and give an all-sparkly look, which indeed looks romantic. Let us learn everything about the pave setting style. The word pave means ‘to pave’ or ‘lay paving over’. This word is originally derived from the French term ‘pave’ which is pronounced as ‘pah-vay’. Within the pave setting, small gemstones or diamonds are held by very small metal prongs or beads to cover a portion of the jewelry. When properly set, the gemstones create the appearance of a glittering path, which is used to draw more attention to the center of the gemstone which is full of sparkle.

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5 months ago

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