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Mollik Juel
7 days ago
Open your eyes and look at me—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

I move forward, fall in the hail of bullets—
I am that martyr Abu Said.

Who are you, my brother, let me know.
Look beside you, I am that martyr Abu Said.

You will show—your rights, your demands.
#Rights #StudentPower #SaveBangladeshiStudents #StudentsUnderAttack #Quotamovement #Bangladesh
Kikihome Centre
23 hours ago
Mini Portable Blender | Kikihomecentre.com

Enjoy the convenience of blending on-the-go with the Mini Portable Blender from Kikihomecentre.com. An ideal choice for individuals who lead hectic lives. Start shopping today!
Mini Portable Blender
Will Martin
1 day ago
Hash ribbons indicator signals a bullish “buy” for $BTC

Miner capitulation ends, suggesting a potential rally

Concerns over #MtGox payouts and #EthereumETF persist

#Bitcoin’s hashrate at 652 EH/s supports bullish outlook
Mike's Mini Donuts
1 day ago (E)
Why Mini Donuts Are the Hottest Treat in Los Angeles Right Now

Mini donuts are taking Los Angeles by storm, and for good reason! These bite-sized delights are not only irresistibly delicious but also perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings without the guilt. From trendy food trucks to chic dessert shops, mini donuts are popping up all over the city, offering a variety of unique flavors and toppings that are sure to impress. Join the craze and discover why these tiny treats are the hottest dessert trend in LA right now. Indulge in the sweet goodness and see what everyone is raving about.

For more info:-donutsmikesminigmail.com #MiniDonutsLA #SweetTreats #DessertLovers
Premier Tickets
1 day ago
Why Are the Best Events in the USA and Kinjal Dave in Dallas 2024 Unmissable?

Experience the vibrant celebration of Navratri with Kinjal Dave in Dallas 2024! This grand event will light up Dallas with stunning performances and traditional festivities. Don’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the cultural extravaganza that Kinjal Dave brings. With electrifying music and energetic dances, it's one of the most exciting USA events this year. Book your tickets now and join us for an unforgettable Navratri celebration!

To know more follow the link: https://www.premiertickets...

#NavratriNight #KinjalDaveLive #Dallas2024 #KinjalDaveConcert #IndianMusic #KinjalDaveFan #LivePerformance #NavratriCelebration
2 days ago (E)
Hi all,

I'm Michael, an engineer from Toronto. After working in the industry for over a decade, I felt it was time for a new adventure. Dubai’s cutting-edge technology scene and luxurious lifestyle were a big draw for me.

The relocation process seemed overwhelming until I found https://citizenship-by.inv... Their consultants were incredibly knowledgeable and guided me through obtaining residency by purchasing property. I bought a sleek apartment in the Marina district, known for its stunning skyline and waterfront views.

The transition was seamless, thanks to the professional advice from citizenship-by.investments. Now, I’m enjoying a vibrant life in Dubai, working on innovative projects and exploring everything this dynamic city has to offer. If you’re considering a move, I highly recommend their services.

Best regards,
Pelican Migration Consultants
4 days ago
Immigrate to Yukon: Your Ultimate Guide to a New Beginning

Discover how to immigrate to Yukon, Canada’s breathtaking northern territory. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the immigration process, from eligibility requirements to settling in Yukon. Learn about job opportunities, the vibrant community, and the stunning natural beauty that awaits you. Whether you're seeking adventure or a fresh start, this guide will help you navigate your journey to Yukon. Get expert advice and tips to make your transition smooth and successful. Start your new life in Yukon today!

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Cash in Minutes
4 days ago
Find Personal Loans Provo, UT with Cash in Minutes

Are you looking for the best personal loans in Provo, Utah? Visit Cash in Minutes, they offer up to a $1500 personal loan that’s hassle-free and fast! Contact them today for more details!

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5 days ago
Effective Mouse and Industrial Pest Control Solutions in Vancouver

Mice represent major health hazards and may seriously destroy property; they are not only a nuisance. Maintaining safe and sanitary surroundings depends on effective Mouse Control Vancouver particularly in metropolitan locations where mouse populations may flourish.

Advance Pest Control
5 days ago
Effective Mouse and Industrial Pest Control Solutions in Vancouver

Mice represent major health hazards and may seriously destroy property; they are not only a nuisance. Maintaining safe and sanitary surroundings depends on effective Mouse Control Vancouver particularly in metropolitan locations where mouse populations may flourish.

7 days ago
Luxury Matchmaking Services in Miami for Men: Elevating Your Dating Experience

Miami, a city known for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and thriving nightlife, is also home to a discerning clientele who seek excellence in all aspects of their lives, including their romantic pursuits. 

8 days ago
Explore The Guidline For Micro Frontends

Micro frontends is an architectural approach that breaks down a monolithic front-end application into smaller, independent pieces, each managed by separate teams. This allows for more scalable and maintainable code, enabling teams to develop, deploy, and update features independently. By adopting micro frontends, organizations can enhance collaboration and improve user experiences across diverse platforms and devices.
MindzQ Education
8 days ago
Bergen County Academies

MindzQ Education's Bergen County Academies Prep Program helps 8th graders get ready for the BCA entrance exam. Our program covers math, English, test-taking tips, and interview practice. Our Classes run from spring to fall, giving you plenty of time to prepare. Join us to boost your confidence for getting into BCA!

9 days ago
Cestini Raccolta Differenziata Eventi | Transenne.net

Migliora la gestione dei rifiuti del tuo evento utilizzando i contenitori per la raccolta differenziata di Transenne.net. Assicurati che il tuo locale sia ecologico e igienico utilizzando i nostri contenitori durevoli ed eleganti.

Migsun Lucknow Central
9 days ago
Maximize ROI with Migsun Central Lucknow: A Commercial Investment Guide

Migsun Central Lucknow stands out as a top choice, promising higher future returns. Investing in Migsun Lucknow Central Commercial Space, which is designed with market considerations in mind, is a profitable option.

Cairnmillar Institute
9 days ago
Earn your Australian #DiplomaofCounselling at #Cairnmillar . Launch a rewarding career helping others. Accredited & industry-recognized. https://www.cairnmillar.or...
Julie Anderson
10 days ago
Turkish Airlines Kunming Office serves as a vital hub for travelers in the region, offering a range of services including ticketing,
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10 days ago
Places to Visit in Dehradun

Robber's Cave (Guchhupani): It is a unique natural cave formation with a stream running through it. It is popular for its cool environment and the mysterious disappearing stream.

Mindrolling Monastery: It is one of the largest Buddhist centers in India, known for its stunning architecture.

Forest Research Institute: It is a colonial-era building spread over 1,000 acres, showcasing Greco-Roman architecture. Houses museums related to forestry and serves as a premier research institution.

To explore these captivating attractions, consider a convenient Bus Hire in Dehradun. This service offers comfortable transportation for groups, allowing you to visit multiple sites efficiently and enjoy the city's beauty without the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads.


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Julie Anderson
12 days ago (E)
Turkish Airlines Kunming Office located in the vibrant city of Kunming, China, offers exceptional travel services and customer support for passengers. visit us https://bit.ly/3WjECsN
Gambling Ads
13 days ago
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14 days ago
3 Reasons Why Exquisite Introductions Matchmaking Services are Perfect for Busy Individuals

Millionaires are busy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, VP or CEO of a business, you spend a lot of time in the office trying to nurture and grow your business. A lot of personal sacrifices are involved in your success. And your personal, love life is often put on hold because you don’t have the time to spend finding that someone special to share your life with.

Pelican Migration Consultants
16 days ago
Canada Immigration: Your Journey Starts Here

Pelican Migration Consultants is your trusted partner for Canada Immigration. Navigate the intricacies with ease as we guide you through paperwork, interviews, and the pathway to permanent residency. With us, turning aspirations into reality is not just a goal; it's a commitment to your successful Canadian future. Your Canadian dream awaits – embark on this transformative journey with us!

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Avion Bell
16 days ago
Join your favourite Disney characters for breakfast at Plaza Gardens!

One unmissable experience during your time at Disneyland Paris is the Character Breakfast Experience at Plaza Gardens Restaurant.

16 days ago
Exploring the Refreshing World of Miami Mint – RAZ DC25000 Disposable Vape
Miami Mint is not just another mint-flavored vape; it's an experience that encapsulates the lively spirit of Miami. The moment you take a puff, you're greeted with a wave of cool mint that invigorates your senses. But what sets Miami Mint apart is its subtle complexity. The mint flavor is perfectly balanced, neither too overpowering nor too subtle, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a refreshing yet nuanced vaping experience.

sachiya steel
20 days ago
Sachiya Steel International Private Limited is your premier destination for high-quality Mild Steel Seamless and ERW Pipes in Angola. As one of India’s leading producers, Sachiya Steel takes immense pride in manufacturing products that adhere to international standards while catering to diverse industrial applications across Angola.

Mild Steel Seamless Pipes are cylindrical tubes made by heating and stretching steel over forms until they take the shape of hollow tubes. Known for their uniform thickness, strength, and ability to withstand high pressures, seamless pipes are indispensable in industries such as oil and gas, construction, and automotive.

Read More: https://steeltube.co.in/mi...
vilma pmu
21 days ago (E)
Location: 52 Greenwood St, Above Sand Salon, Altrincham, WA14 1RZ, Manchester, UK

Number: 447426890009

Payment Methods; Cash & credit

Business Found; 2014

Highest-Quality Treatments & Courses!

Looking to enhance your natural beauty with stunning brows? We offer a range of semi-permanent makeup solutions in Altrincham, Manchester:

Microblading: Achieve realistic hair strokes for defined, natural brows.
Powder Brows (Soft Shading): Create a fuller, textured brow with a beautiful gradient.
Ombre Brows (Powder Effect): Similar to powder brows, offering a softer, blended look.
Combo Brows (Microblading + Shading): Combine both techniques for a customized, perfect brow.
Benefits: Long-lasting results, low maintenance, confidence boost, and time savings!

Free Consultation! Flexible Payment Plans!

Want to learn this craft? Join our accredited microblading training, combo brows training, powder brows training , lip blush training.

Website: https://vilma-pmu.co.uk/
New Beast
21 days ago
What Can You Make with a 3D Printer to Sell?

Profitable 3D Printed Products

1. Toys and Fidgets: While the market for crystal dragons may be saturated, there's still money to be made in toys. Fidget toys consistently perform well, and unique items like Tic Tac guns can bring in over $5,000 a month.

2. Lighting: Custom 3D printed lights can generate over $1,000 monthly, with the best performers reaching $2,000+.

3. Gag Gifts: Humor sells! Many joke-themed products are pulling in around $1,000 per month.

4. Miniatures and Tabletop Gaming: While individual miniatures might not be big earners, tabletop terrain bundles can make up to $2,500 monthly.https://divisionmidway.org...
HERE Wallet
21 days ago
Mining HOT Token on NEAR Wallet

Start mining:-https://t.me/herewalletbot...
Aashi Yadav
21 days ago
Udyam Registration: A Gateway to Empowering Indian MSMEs
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a crucial role in the economic and social development of India. They contribute significantly to the country's GDP, export earnings, and employment generation. To bolster the growth and sustainability of MSMEs, the Indian government introduced Udyam Registration, a simplified and streamlined process for registering MSMEs. This initiative is designed to provide various benefits and support to these enterprises, fostering an environment conducive to their growth. This article explores the significance, benefits, and process of Udyam Registration, shedding light on how it empowers Indian MSMEs.
Visit us : https://e-udyogaadhaar.com...
Middleeast Valve
22 days ago
Electric Actuated Valve suppliers in UAE

Middleeast valve is the magnificent Electric Actuated Valve suppliers in UAE. We supply to cities like Sharjah, Jebel Ali, and Liwa.

Understanding Electric Actuated Valves:
Electric actuated valves are advanced control devices that utilize electrical energy to open, close, or modulate the flow of liquids or gases within a system. Unlike traditional manual valves, these automated counterparts offer a higher level of precision and can be seamlessly integrated into complex control systems.

Available Materials: CF8M, CF8, SS316, CF3M, WCB, and Stainless steel (SS304, SS316, CF8M, SS316L, SS904L).
Class: 150 to 2500
Size: 1/2″ to 80″
Pressure: PN6- PN450
End Connections: Flanged, Socket weld, Butt weld, Threaded, Wafer, Lug
Operation: Electric Actuator.

Visit us: https://www.middleeastvalv...
Expeed software
24 days ago
The Impact Of IoT On Mobile App Development
The term Internet of Things or IoT is used to denote a network of interconnected devices that collect and exchange data via the internet using sensors and software. This technology is now being integrated into mobile applications to further their functionality and offer solutions that are more in sync with individual use cases. An IoT system usually consists of mobile apps/user interface, IoT devices/sensors, internet connectivity, and data processing.

Today, mobile apps help you operate your IoT device unmindful of the distance or geography thus enabling non-stop communication and data exchange. The result of this integration is enhanced functionality, interactivity, and automation where mobile apps interact with and control the concerned IoT device. More and more businesses are investing in IoT application development.
Website : https://expeed.com/the-imp...

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