Will Martin
3 days ago
#bitcoin rebounded to $58K after a midweek slump, recovering 5%

$100M in market liquidations and $438M in #BitcoinETF activity noted

#Germany 's sell-off fears are easing, with 2/3 of seized $BTC transferred

Future prospects include a bullish catalyst from #FTX 's $16B cash distribution

Will Martin
5 days ago
#bitcoin faces bearish pressure but could turn bullish if it holds above $38,000 and the #Fed cuts rates.

#FTX plans a $16 billion payout which could boost #crypto markets significantly by late 2024.

Key dates: August 16 for voting, October 7 for approval, signaling potential market shifts.

Analysts foresee $BTC hitting $120,000 and #Ethereum $12,000 amidst positive market catalysts.
Will Martin
1 month ago
What happened in Crypto in the last 12 hours…?

Trump found guilty of all 34 felony counts of falsifying business documents.

Political memecoins see over $300M in 24-hour trading volume.

Pumpdotfun announces bubble maps integration to identify "shady devs" wallets.

SEC informs $ETH ETF issuers to have S-1 forms ready by Friday.

A16Z founders collectively donated $19M to pro-crypto political superPAC Fairshake.

Donald Trump was rumored to be consulting Elon Musk about crypto, but Elon publicly denied this.

FTX_Official legal fees have been approved for over $500M.

Do Kwon and Terraform Labs have tentatively agreed to settle SEC fraud case.

Nigerian pop-star “Davido” accused of pumping and dumping $Davido memecoin… just like he’s done before.
Will Martin
1 month ago
Crypto Morning News Recap

Economic Daily's Update: There's a push to use the digital yuan more in global collaborations.

Polygon's Progress: Polygon's co-founder says most of the work to change Polygon into a ZK protocol is done.

Legal Action Against Ryan Salame: The former CEO of FTX's Bahamas branch has been sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

Changes at Binance France: Binance France has new shareholders after replacing CZ.

Sei Foundation's Airdrop: Over 27.42 million SEI will be given out in the second phase of their airdrop.

ENS Labs Proposal: ENS Labs wants to upgrade to ENSv2, moving the Ethereum Name Service to Layer 2.

Mt.Gox's Bitcoin Division: Mt.Gox is dividing its bitcoin holdings into three new addresses.

Babylon's Testnet Announcement: Babylon has announced the launch of Testnet-4 for bitcoin mining.

LayerZero's Statement: LayerZero's founder addressed concerns about reliability in reporting addresses.

ZKasino's Refund Policy: ZKasino will refund ETH to those not participating in the ZKAS conversion.

Semler Scientific's Purchase: Nasdaq-listed Semler Scientific has bought 581 BTC as its primary reserve asset.

UniSat's Update: UniSat will send ETH to users within seven days after ending a pizza collection event.

DWF Partner's Support: DWF Partner is prepared to support projects working with MEME coins financially.

Arbitrum's Mainnet Plans: If BoLD passes the DAO vote, Arbitrum's mainnet will launch soon.

EOS Network Foundation's Announcement: The EOS Network Foundation shared details about the new EOS token economy.

Legal Development: A U.S. judge dismissed the Debt Box case, ordering the SEC to pay $1.8 million.

DOG-GO-TO-THE-MOON's Surge: The token has reached new highs, surpassing $0.0054, with a market cap over $550 million.

Crypto Voter Survey Findings: 33% of American voters consider a candidate's stance on cryptocurrency when voting.
Will Martin
1 month ago
What Happened in Crypto in the Last 12 Hours?

- Mt. Gox CEO Update: The former Mt. Gox CEO assures there is "no imminent sale of Bitcoins" despite recent wallet transfers.
- Trump's Bitcoin Strategy: Donald Trump is exploring using Bitcoin ($BTC) to help manage the national debt.
- Semler Scientific's Bitcoin Purchase: Semler Scientific buys $40 million in Bitcoin ($BTC) as its primary treasury asset.
- FTX Executive Sentenced: Ryan Salame from FTX gets 7.5 years in prison after a guilty plea.
- $FLOKI and Immune Partnership: $FLOKI partners with Immune, offering a $50,000 bug bounty.
- Joe Rogan's $KARATE Announcement: Joe Rogan will attend a $KARATE Combat match on Thursday.
- Stablecoin Bill Progress: A stablecoin bill might pass this year, driven by political spending, says TD Cowan.
Late Marriage
3 months ago
जानें कब है शीतला सप्तमी | शीतला सप्तमी 2024 | Sheetala Saptami 2024

हिंदू धर्म में चैत्र महीने के कृष्ण पक्ष की सप्तमी तिथि को शीतला माता की पूजा की जाती है इस दिन को शीतला सप्तमी और बसोड़ा के नाम से जाना जाता है इस दिन देवी शीतला को तरह तरह के पकवानों का भोग लगाया जाता है
लेकिन यह पकवान ठंडे और बासी रूप में हो माता को अर्पित किए जाते हैं धार्मिक मान्यताओं के अनुसार इस दिन माता शीतला की आराधना करने से गंभीर बीमारियों से मुक्ति मिलती है और आरोग्यता का वरदान मिलता है

Christian Lana
7 months ago
As a cryptopreneur, you know the benefits of crypto derivatives; they're now available in FTX Take a look at this blog and get the details
#FTX #cryptotradingplatform #usa #Blockchain
Crypto Signal
10 months ago
Ex-FTX Executive Ryan Salame Could Forfeit $1.5B as Part of Guilty Plea

#coindesk #FTX

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